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We service many of the shallow gas projects for major operators such as EnCana, Suncor, and Conoco Phillips with minimum disturbance to the location and with zero tolerance for allowing drill cuttings (shale) to be left on location once the drilling rig moves.  Land-spreading drilling fluids combined with drill cuttings is our expertise and our operators are very experienced in this area.


We share our clients’ commitment to being environmentally conscious. In this effort some of our Rig Water Trucks have been equipped with hydraulic driven water safe pumps and some of our Rig Vacuum Trucks use environmentally friendly hydraulic oil. Our company has an excellent safety record and is employed on drilling rig locations by many major operators such as: Apache Canada, Suncor, EnCana, Penn West, Cenovus, Husky, Conoco Phillips and Murphy Oil Canada. We are COR certified and members of HSE, PICS and the ISNetworld.

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Our organization owns a number of well-site trailers for our operators to reside in while employed on drilling rig locations. Many of these trailers are equipped with a self-contained plumbing system to meet the environmental requirements in drilling rig locations that do not allow for the disposal of human waste.  Every Rig Water Truck and Rig Vacuum Truck has a self-contained Well-site Trailer.

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